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Ignition Lockout due to retries

If you heater is blowing just cold air with no heat, chances are there are some problems with your furnace. Before that, make sure that your thermostat control is set correctly and that you are expecting heat and that the desired temperature is more than the room temperature.

If you have a York furnace, you should see a glass panel that allows you to peer into a LED light. If that light is green or blinking amber, then it is working normally. However, if it is blinking red, then you need to check on what is going on. Open the door to the furnace and chances are there is a label with the different furnace error codes. The frequency of the blinking red can indicate what is wrong with the furnace.

If the blinking red does it for 7 times, the error code is basically an ignition lockout due to retries. What that means is that your furnace is trying to ignite the gas so you get the flames for the heat. However, if something is wrong, it will stop the ignition. After about 5 tries, it will lockout and not try again.

There can be many reasons for it. If you open the furnace door and turn on the heat, you may see if the igniter does come on and it should be glowing orange. As it glows orange, the gas that comes on will ignite and produce flames in a normal operation. However, if you see the igniter glowing orange and hear gas coming out with flames which subsequently then shuts off, it could be due to a bad flame sensor. The flame sensor is saying that it could not detect any flames even though you see flames coming and therefore telling the furnace to shut down so you dont have gas leakage.

When an ignition lockout due to retires is due to this reason, then you can try changing or cleaning the flame sensor. You can follow the circuit diagram in your furnace door to figure out where the flame sensor is which usually is a long nail like object that sits next to where the flames will be shooting. 

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