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The Hunt for Good Real Estate & Investment Deals

The current condition of the national housing market has created good opportunities for first time home buyers and investors. This includes homes selling for under one hundred thousand dollars and current interest rates being below four percent. These two combined factors has helped to promote growth in the housing market for the last three years.

Currently in the United States there are a large number of cities that offer great home buying deals. Some of these cities include Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Mobile, Alabama and Phoenix. In the city of Atlanta for example, there are many homes currently for sale in many parts of the metro area for well under one hundred thousand dollars. This includes the metro Atlanta suburb of East Point, which currently has a large inventory of vacant homes. Many of the homes in this area are selling for between thirty and seventy thousand dollars. While some homes do require major repair work, there are many others that are in move in condition. In terms of home design, there are many Victorian and bungalow style homes. These homes typically have two bedrooms and two baths, and are between nine hundred and eleven hundred square feet. The downside of living in this area is that there is very limited retail services. For example, the nearest major grocery store is several miles away. There are also several neighborhoods in this area that have high crime rates. Despite these minuses, the community of East Point is still attracting a lot of home buyers and investors.

Another metro Atlanta community that has a large inventory of homes for sell under one hundred thousand dollars is the community of Hapeville. This community is located near the airport, and it is also very convenient to the downtown business district. The homes in this area were typically built in the 60’s and 70’s. They come in a variety of styles including bungalows and ranches. Most also have very small yards, which means there is not a whole lot of yard work needed. In terms of price, you can currently find homes in Hapeville selling between twenty five and eighty thousand dollars. The variation in price is based on the individual neighborhood and also the condition of the home. From the current inventory, only about twenty percent need major repairs. This community has also recently seen a lot of interest from investors and home buyers because the Porsche corporation is building a new multi million dollar headquarters facility in this area. This new facility will include corporate offices and a large outside test drive track. When the facility is finished it is expected to generate a lot of jobs and really fuel the local economy. This is why so many investors are trying to purchase homes in this area before the facility is completed. Some investors estimate that the new Porsche building will help to increase home values by thirty five percent.

As you can see from above, the metro area of Atlanta is a great place to find low cost investments and affordable homes.


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