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Unusual & Extreme Cold Weather Conditions

2013 is already starting off to be a very unusually cold year. Although cold weather is expected in January, there are many states reporting extreme cold temperatures and unusual amounts of freezing rain. One of these states has been Arizona, which is usually warmer than the rest of the country in January. Historically, the temperature range in Arizona during the month of January is generally between forty five and fifty degrees. But this has not been the case this year. About two weeks ago many areas in Arizona were reporting temperatures below thirty degrees. This sudden freeze caught a lot of people off guard, which especially included those living in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sedona. When many of these residents went to the store to buy extra blankets and sweaters, they found many stores had a very low inventory of these items. This is because most local stores usually don't have a demand for these types of things. There were actually some funny pictures posted online of how people were trying to stay warm in Arizona.

Another state that has had some very unusual cold weather this year is the state of Michigan. Most of you are probably thinking that people living in Michigan should be used to cold weather. In most cases they usually are, however the temperatures have been so cold in Michigan over the past few weeks, even long time residents are having a hard time adjusting. Just this past Monday for example the temperature in Detroit was well below zero. On top of this the city was also pounded with several inches of freezing rain and snow. As you can imagine, all this resulted in a lot of car accidents and power outages. At one point, there were almost fifteen thousand people without power. I for one could not imagine living in a place where it was fifteen degrees below zero without any electricity or heat. If this happened to me too many times, I would probably get a U-Haul truck, pack up everything and relocate. I know that this is easier said than done, but when my brain is frozen I don’t think too clearly.

I have also noticed unusal reports of snow and freezing rain in North Carolina. This past week many local cities including Charlotte, received several inches of snow and freezing rain. In some areas this combination caused a lot of black ice patches, which in turn caused a lot of highway accidents. The road departments in many counties reported that their staff was working at maximum capacity. This type of weather can be especially dangerous in places like North Carolina, because people living there are not used to driving on black ice or snow. They are also not used to having their heat and electricity out for days. This same statement also applies to those living in other southern states like Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Florida.

After hearing about all these unusual cold temperatures and weather conditions, you have to wonder if global warming is really happening.   

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