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Successfully Marketing a Business Without the Internet

It might be really hard to imagine, but there are actually some business owners who are marketing their products successfully without using any online technology. I have to admit that I was somewhat leery myself when I first heard this, until I had a chance to speak with several of these business owners. Some of the owners I had a chance to speak with included owners of catering companies, candy shops, bakeries, beauty salons, and bookstores. One catering company owner is using weekly tasting events to promote his new food items. This includes weekly events that provide customers an opportunity to taste items directly from the catering menu, and also see how various recipes are made. After hosting these events consecutively for eight months, the owner has seen a eighteen percent increase in new business. You are probably asking how the owner is promoting these events without using a blog or social media. Instead of using any of these online tools, this owner promotes his events by using signs and posting announcements in local area magazines and newspapers. The owner admits that this may not work for everyone, but these marketing strategies have been very effective for his business.

Another person who has successfully marketed their business without using the internet, is the owner of a beauty salon located in Cleveland, Ohio. This owner has used on-site hair demonstrations and hair fashion shows to promote her business. Although the owner does admit that she uses social media to promote her services, she says that her on-site marketing events have been much more effective. The on-site hair demonstrations for example have really helped to attract a lot of new customers. In an effort to attract a more diverse set of clientele, the owner has started hosting hair events that are tailored for women who like to wear both long and short hairstyles, and also those who like to wear wigs and weaves. These events are designed to educate women which hairstyle looks best on them ,and also educate them on how to properly care for their hair between appointments.

To broaden her client base even more, the owner also recently started hosting on site hair fashion shows. These shows involve women modeling various hairstyles which are suitable for a variety of different purposes and events. For example, there are hairstyles modeled which are ideal for weddings and also some conservative hairstyles that are appropriate for job interviews. Some of these hairstyles range from a slicked back ponytail with bangs, to a short pixie style haircut. These events have not only been successful in attracting new customers, but they have also helped to generate local media attention as well. The owner is loving the media attention she is receiving because it provides free publicity for her business. This owner does believe that the internet can be useful in terms of promoting a business, but she also believes that the most effective form of marketing is meeting potential customers face to face. That's just not something you can easily do on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

As you can see from above, you don't always have to rely on the internet to successfully promote your service or product.  

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