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CEO's Who Believe in Giving Back

I read a very interesting article this past week which featured a list of the top philanthropic CEO's.

Although I did expect to see him on the list, I was surprised however to see that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was listed at number two. According to the article, Mark and his wife Priscilla have donated over four hundred million dollars. Wow. Imagine how much money you have to earn to be able to give away that type of money. Others who made the top ten list was Carl Ichan and Paul Allen. Ichan has donated close to one hundred and fifty million, while Allen has donated over three hundred million dollars. Not surprisingly at the number one spot was Warren Buffet, who has donated close to three billion. It was definitely great to see that all these millionaires and billionaires were donating some of their money. I am not sure where the money is being donated, but there is definitely a need in the health and education sectors. I would dare to say that just about every teacher today would be glad to have some extra funds to purchase needed supplies for their classes. In addition to this, there is also a strong need for financial support to fund various after school programs. Many of the kids who attend school today do not have any type of oversight and guidance once they leave school. This is because either their parents are working a full time jobs and don't get home until late in the evening, or they have parents that don't have any interest in their education. In either case, these kids need to be involved in a program that will provide guidance and challenge their minds.

In the healthcare sector there is a great need for financial funding at cancer centers and children hospitals. I would like to see these funds used to provide financial support to children who need special operations and also for cancer patients who can't afford treatment.

Out of the three hundred billion dollars that Warren Buffet has donated, I truly hope that some of it has gone to addressing homelessness issues. This especially includes the homeless epidemic currently affecting millions of U. S. veterans. Nothing is more sad to see then a man or woman who has given several years of their life for our country, having no place to live.

In regards to the millions that Mark Zuckerberg has donated, I hope that some of this money has been given to organizations that provide business training for up and coming entrepreneurs in low income neighborhoods. There are many people living in these communities who just need a chance to showcase their talent. I am specifically talking about those who have the talent and determination to get out of poverty and start their own business.

Along with major CEO's like Zuckerberg and Buffet, other CEO's that made the list include Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, David Rubenstein, Jon Stryker, David Geffen, Helen Gurly Brown, David Koch, George Roberts, Eugene Lang and Ron Perelman.  

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