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Online Hackers Are Getting Bolder & Bolder

Over the past week I have seen story after story about a corporate business or government website getting hacked. This past week it was reported that the Federal Reserve website was hacked, which really got me concerned. For some reason I thought the Federal Reserve would have a better online security system that would prevent hacking. So if a high ranking agency like this can get hacked, where does that leave the rest of us? Based on what I read online, the group that hacked into the Federal Reserve website has not been identified. However, many in the technology industry are guessing that it is an international cyber attack ring. The article also stated that only a limited of amount of data was accessed, but for some reason I don't believe this. My thinking is that there was probably a lot of data and information stolen but Federal Reserve reps just don't want to admit it. From the Federal Reserve's standpoint, they most likely didn't want Americans to know this because it would create a panic. While I am not in a panic state, just hearing that the Federal Reserve's site was hacked into has me very, very concerned. I also feel very uneasy that the group or individual that did this has not been identified or arrested.

In addition to the Federal Reserve, I also believe I read somewhere that the White House website had also gotten hacked. This is also a situation that was very surprising to me. Just like I thought the Federal Reserve had strong online security measures, I also thought that the White House had high level online security measures in place. I mean this is the White House we are talking about here. Although the White House tried to down play this hacking incident, I believe that they were very worried about an individual or group being able to hack into their site. I know if I worked in the White House I would be very worried and concerned. I also believe that just like the Federal Reserve hacking incident, we will never really know what type of information these hackers were able to steal or access. One of things I am most concerned about in regards to this hacking incident is that hackers had an opportunity to view unpublished information regarding upcoming legislative bills. Many of these bills contain information about U. S. national security and the economy. If the site is compromised then these hackers have the ability to change words or phrases in this bill. I am not worried so much about the legislative bill information that can be accessed just by visiting the website, it's the security passwords and key codes for unpublished information that I am concerned about.

Along with these concerns, I am also wondering if any of these hacking incidents are connected to someone or several individuals working on the inside. I hate to think this way, but I have learned through life that some people will do just about anything when it comes to the almighty dollar. This includes compromising national security.  

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