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How Fast Food Varies From Country to Country

I recently saw a show on the Travel Channel about the difference between fast food in foreign countries and America. When I first tuned into this show I thought it would basically be about different ways to serve a Big Mac or Whopper. But the show ended up being a lot more entertaining and informative then that. For example, the Pizza Hut in Thailand serves toppings that include shrimp, fish and squid. The logic behind this strategy is to serve a pizza that appeals to local residents. When I first saw this pizza, I could hardly believe that it was from Pizza Hut. That's because they don't sell pizzas that look like this at the Pizza Hut in my community. There are also pizza's topped with lobster and scallops. A lot of people that live in Thailand say that they really love Pizza Hut because the pizzas are topped with very common ingredients. Common? Well, I guess for this part of the world these type of seafood items would be very common, even on a pizza. I also noticed that the interiors of these Pizza Huts are a lot more elegant looking then the ones in the United States. I don't know about the Pizza Hut's near you, but the interior of the ones near me are very simple and plain. Some of the stores I saw in Thailand and other countries were decorated with beautiful long curtains and colorful lighting. I guess this is also part of Pizza Hut's strategy to attract local customers. All this tells me that people in Thailand must have higher standards in fast food and store interiors then we do in the United States. I guess that this might be true to some extent, because whenever I go and pick up my pizza I don't really pay attention the decor. Most of the time I only interested in getting my pizza quickly.

Speaking of interiors, I was also very surprised to see how some McDonald's restaurants are decorated in foreign countries. One example includes restaurants in Japan that have some very cool and high quality interiors. The restaurants located in India also had much higher quality looking interiors then the McDonald's locations in the U. S. One particular location in India actually looked more like a five star dining establishment instead of a fast food restaurant. This restaurant had long curtains hanging from ceiling, and much more formal looking chairs and tables. The menu was also quite different, which consisted of a lot of meatless items. There was a corn pudding dessert, a burger made out of beans, and a breakfast soup made out of sausage, vegetables and broth. Although these food items sound interesting, I am not so sure they would go over well with U. S. based customers. This is because unfortunately, many in the U. S. prefer a lot of fat, sugar and grease. Maybe this is why people in other countries are much more healthier than we are.

Learning about fast food culture in other countries was very interesting. However, I am a believer that the best fast food to eat is the food you can cook quickly in your own kitchen.  

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