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Is Your Home Location Really Right for You?

It may sound easy, but finding a home that really fits your overall lifestyle can be complicated.

Typically, the first thing a person thinks about when shopping for a new home is the price. Don't get me wrong “price” is definitely important, but so are a lot of other things. For example, if you don't have a car, then you have to make sure that the home you purchase is near or convenient to public transportation. Over the years I have seen so many people get caught up in how a home looks, instead of making sure it is practical. I had one friend who saw a home she really liked, but she didn't have car and the nearest bus stop was over five blocks away. She was mesmerized with the house and the neighborhood that she convinced herself that walking five blocks to a bus stop was no big deal. However after she moved into her new home she started realizing that being so far away from the bus line was a major problem. This started with having to get up an hour earlier to make sure she had time to walk to the bus stop and catch her bus on time. On days it was raining and snowing heavily, she had to get up even earlier. After about eight months of doing this daily grind, my friend started making plans to move again. She put her home on the market two months ago and is waiting on an offer.

I also had a co-worker who purchased a condominium in a very secluded neighborhood. The first thing I asked him when he purchased this was how far are the retail and grocery stores. He told me that he was not concerned about shopping because he had a car. I went online and researched the address of his property, and find out that the nearest grocery store was almost ten miles away. I relayed this information to him but he did not seem very concerned at all. He simply replied that he would just make sure to go by the market every Friday on the way home from work. Well about three months later I got a call from him saying that he now regrets not having a grocery nearby. Before he moved into this new home he previously lived in an apartment that was located right across the street from a shopping plaza that had retail shops and a grocery store. So if he needed something for dinner at the last minute, all he had to was run across the street to get it. Now every time he needs something from the market he has to get in his car and drive. This is not only becoming a pain time wise, but it is also getting expensive as well since gas is now almost four dollars a gallon.

Both of the above scenarios are good examples as to why it is so important to do some thorough research when it comes to purchasing a home. This means not only looking at the physical home itself, but also carefully looking at the surrounding community.  

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