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Walgreens WagCares Web Survey

I was shopping at Walgreens while waiting for my prescribed drug to be filled. I received a receipt for my purchase that invited me to participate in a web survey at www.wagcares.com official site that provided a generous grand prize of $3,000 that can be won every month. I have been visiting Walgreens almost once every month for refills and usually do not make additional purchases. But my cravings got the better of me and I had to pick up a chocolate bar. Then I noticed the WagCares invitation on the receipt. Being a long time customer, it prompted me to now write about my experience at Walgreens.

The survey itself does not take too long to complete. You do need the survey number and password from the receipt in order to get started. Then, there are a number of multiple choices like questions that walk you through the various shopping experience at Walgreens which does seem to do less with its pharmacy than the shopping experience. It would be nice to actually get a survey coupon to use at the end of the survey in addition to the sweepstakes grand prize.

Walgreens is one of my favorite pharmacy to visit. When it comes to prescribed drugs, it actually pays to shop around as the prices can vary drastically and for certain drugs can be up to $20-$30 difference even between Walmart, Target, CVS and other pharmacies. So, it pays to shop around although these prices are not exactly transparent. I have send orders to various pharmacies and found that in certain cases, Walgreens give me the best prices. Their pharmacist are also friendly and knowledgeable. 

If it was not for the pharmacy and the over the counter medicines, Walgreens might not be my primary shopping destination as the selection of items in the store is not as comprehensive as other major retailers like Target. So, getting my medicine is still the primary objective for visiting a Walgreens store. However, it is great if you happen to be there and needed to pick up an item or two for convenience. The prices are comparable to many other retailers.
In any case, I took the time to fill up the WagCares survey. There is even a winners list posted on the site that shows the winners every month. The official site is wagcares.com if you care to spend some time for the survey.

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